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73% of customers say that experience is more important than price when making buying decisions. So why don’t more small businesses focus on curating experiences that are beyond compare?

If you are ignoring customer experience, you are leaving money on the table.

That’s about as smart as serving a gorgeous slice of cake on a dirty trash can lid. Probably not going to create any loyal customers any time soon. It doesn’t matter if you are selling pretty cakes at the farmer’s market or luxury brands in a retail store – every single aspect of your business, seen and unseen, impacts customer experience.

The good news is: transforming customer experience is the easiest way to grow your competitive advantage and maximize the impact your product or service has in the market.

I help solopreneurs and small businesses build captivating experiences that turn casual customers into fierce loyalists.

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Add an extra methodical brain to your team. I can help with you with business research, grant research, and other strategic tasks related to your business, non-profit, or special project.

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Get your business online, build awareness, and increase authority with your target audience through well-designed digital and print collateral.