Patchwork Atelier helps get your work into the world by pairing impactful strategy with thoughtful design that works.

Idea Activation

Strategy Consulting

Web & Graphic Design

I am passionate about helping you do good in the world by giving you access to quality design & meaningful strategy for your business and life projects.

Analytical Left Brain
Add an extra methodical brain to your team. I can help with you with business research, grant research, and other strategic tasks related to your business, non-profit, or special project.
Creative Right Brain
Get your business online, build awareness, and increase authority with your target audience through well-designed digital and print collateral.

Ideas Are Easy

Ideas are easy, but bringing an idea to life requires a firm but agile execution strategy. I know how hard it is to focus on the small steps when your vision is larger than life. But getting to the vision requires consistent execution of actionable steps to help your idea grow into something that brings good into the world.

The PIE Inventory is the tool that will uncover the unique-to-you areas of interest & expertise with real market value.

You don’t need out of this world business ideas when you understand your unique value in the marketplace.  Get clear on how to leverage your own interests, knowledge, and skills into a unique business opportunity.

Patchwork Atelier is the business strategy & design studio for your second act venture. You choose the good work you want to do, and I work with you to develop good strategy and good design for maximum impact. 

Are you an encore entrepreneur over 50 who wants to start a business or pursue a passion project?

It’s never too late to start something new. The beyond50 Project is especially for Baby Boomers and encore entrepreneurs over 50 who want a little extra second act boost.