Patchwork Atelier Creative Studio

Dreaming up products, services, and experiences that bring good things to good people.
Create IRL Experiences
Make Good Things
Activate Ideas

I love creating things that do good, look good, and make people feel good.

I appreciate the thrill of a new idea, but I thrive in the development of those ideas. Bringing new things into the world, especially those things that enhance the human experience, is what I enjoy most.

When people tell me about their ideas and dreams, my brain immediately begins to soar with possibilities and action plans for getting that idea out into the world.

If you can think it up, we can make it happen.

Patchwork Atelier is a creative space where good things come to life.

Developing an idea with me looks like this

Analytical Left Brain

As an extra methodical brain on your team, my development and design process includes intense strategy to determine the best way to execute your vision.

Creative Right Brain

After we develop a strong strategy, we get to the fun part – designing experiences, identities, and events that connect the heart of your work to your best customers.

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