Hi, I’m Jasmine. My friends call me JP.


I started college as a piano major, finished with a degree in social work, went to law school and worked in college sports and government.


I transitioned to design because it seemed like the obvious next step for a piano playing lawyer. My career progression is a direct reflection of my life – passionate about many things and willing to meet needs where I see them. After law school, I taught myself the basics of good design and armed with Adobe Illustrator, started a stationery company. You can consider me a distant cousin to Johnny Appleseed: I love helping people plant seeds of good work and then skip on my way while those things thrive and bloom long after I’m gone.

Even though I’m not currently practicing law, and can not give you legal advice, you get the best parts of my legal brain – the curiosity and the ability to consume and explain insane amounts of information – and my creative brain to help you build something that releases good into the world.

I help you write stuff that people want to read.

Random Things About Me

Resting in the middle of my analytical + creative brain space affords me a level of freedom I wish more people had. Fighting to stay out of the boxes, labels, and expectations of other people is so important.
Patchwork Atelier is the quilt of my life. These parts, that seem unrelated, are stitched together by a common thread: me.